Daily Structured Journal: A 30 Day Journey to a Better You

Daily Structured Journal: A 30 Day Journey to a Better You


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"It feels like the Thompsons are coaching us along each day yet we don't feel pushed into a mold. Instead, we feel we are expressing ourselves more fully through the short and simple journal entries.”
- Jeff Radke, Novelist

Harness the power of habits to effect noticeable change in your life. Incrediblesimple, and effective - this is a journal to keep you on track to develop good habits or learn new skills. 

"I deeply appreciated this journal…. Subtle but profound revelations about my way of being in the world came to light through the steady set of reflection questions…encouraging me to transform."

— Alexandria Beyer

When you change your habits you will change your life. Creating an empowering morning and evening routine with this journal (in just a few minutes each day) is the simplest thing you can do to develop the skills for flourishing and happiness.

This journal is designed to be used with a purpose. There is a direction in life you want to go, and this journal will help you get there. The clear and simple steps which the Daily Structured Journal walks you through each day will help you form that good habit you've been struggling with. 

Inside this journal is your chance to achieve incredible personal growth and become more fully yourself - who you know deep down inside you were always meant to be. The Daily Structured Journal is a valuable tool to help you become more authentic, boost your confidence, and help you cultivate better relationships. 

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