Daily Structured Journal

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Your chance to achieve tremendous personal growth.
Scientifically informed by behavioral psychology. 
Incredible, Simple, & Effective. 

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
— Aristotle

A 30 Day Journey
to a Better You.

This is your chance to achieve incredible personal growth and become more fully yourself — who you know deep down inside you were always meant to be. Creating an empowering morning and evening routine with this journal (in just a few minutes each day) is the simplest thing you can do to develop the skills for flourishing and happiness.

The Daily Structured Journal is a personal development tool for motivated individuals who want to cultivate the skills and habits for living a good life — a life of human flourishing and excellence.

This journal is designed to be used with a purpose. There is a direction in life you want to go, and this journal will help you get there. The clear and simple steps which the Daily Structured Journal walks you through each day will help you form that good habit you've been struggling with. The Daily Structured Journal is a valuable tool to help you become more authentic, boost your confidence, and help you cultivate better relationships

Daily Structured Journal

A 30 day journey to a better you.

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The Psychology of Personal Growth


Harness the power of habits to effect noticeable change in your life. Incredible, simple, and effective - the Daily Structured Journal keeps you on track to develop good habits and learn new skills. 

Through simple, actionable steps, the Daily Structured Journal utilizes proven methods drawn from the science of behavioral psychology to help you develop the skills and habits to achieve incredible personal growth

By creating an empowering morning and evening routine with the Daily Structured Journal, you will have the opportunity to review what went well, find solutions for what went poorly, attend to what is on the horizon, and keep yourself on track to making real and measurable progress

Happiness is achieved through acquiring habits of excellence.
— Aristotle

The Book


How it Works

Built on the science of behavioral psychology, this journal helps you establish powerful morning and evening routines of Mindfulness & Gratitude, Reflective Practice, and Measurable Progress toward your goals of flourishing and happiness. Studies have shown that people who regularly practice this method of structured journaling develop a more positive outlook, increase self-confidence, and grow in self-awareness and achieve what they never thought possible.


Daily Mindfulness & Gratitude

You will start each morning journal entry with a brief mindfulness exercise. Mindfulness exercises like these have shown to greatly reduce your daily stress-load and improve your mood and cognitive functioning.

Once you are refreshed and recollected, you will be prompted to think about something you are grateful for that morning. This exercise will help you learn to see with eyes of gratitude. Daily cultivating gratitude has scientifically proven benefits for your mood and relationships. 

You will also begin each evening journal entry with the brief evening mindfulness exercise in order to recollect yourself and clear your mind of all distractions at the end of the day. This will allow you to review the events of your day with clarity and calm.

Reflective Practice

You will grow in self-awareness and gain insight into your inner motivations, habits, and behavior patterns, by reflecting on the successes and challenges of each day, and making resolutions become actions.

After reaffirming your specific resolution each morning, you will identify the basic skill or virtue you are going to work on in various ways throughout the day. Naming this goal helps set the tone for your day into a growth mindset ready to face any challenge.

You will have the opportunity to non-judgmentally assess where you’ve fallen short of your resolution and goals, and also where you’ve triumphed and flourished. You can be vulnerable and authentic with yourself in this exercise so that in loving self-acceptance you can plan concrete steps to make progress in the future.

Track Your Progress 

Every seven days you will have the opportunity to look back over the past week and see the progress you’ve made, and take notice of the areas still in need of growth. You may notice certain patterns or trends. This valuable step in self-knowledge is important for you to be able to focus on successful progress and measurable outcomes in your journey toward flourishing.

You will also have time to take a look at the upcoming seven days still before you. This exercise will help you become more proactive about meeting any possible challenges that may come up during the week, and to plan ahead of time how to skillfully overcome them.


Set Your Own Goals and Commit to Becoming a Better You


A Journal for People Who Don't Like to Journal

Some people find journaling a difficult habit to acquire or keep up with, because when you just have blank pages in front of you it can be hard to think of what to write. Like so many things in life, oftentimes just getting started each day is the greatest difficulty.

That's why this journal is different. We've laid out clear and concrete prompts following logical steps for each day. Each of these steps is designed to help you grow in self-awareness, self-knowledge, and to accompany you day by day as a guide on the journey to becoming a better you.


The Authors

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“The only way to true change is to reflect on where you’ve been, to look ahead to where you want to go, and to accept and live in the here and now.”

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"I have found that when people become who they really are, and live authentically, then and only then can true flourishing really happen."


Having advanced degrees in psychology, anthropology, & philosophy, as well as having many years of experience in educational leadership and personal development, Cameron & Katie are passionate about helping people cultivate personal excellence and authenticity. Whether in relationships, personal life, learning, or professional life, they have dedicated themselves to helping people like you discover the art of learning and the art of living.

When not out on speaking engagements or leading workshops, Cameron and Katie enjoy viticulture and wine-making, dancing, gardening, art, and traveling.


Daily Structured Journal

Begin your journey today.


What People Are Saying


"A simple approach to journaling that is both relaxing and rewarding. It feels like I have a coach there in the room with me, yet it is flexible to accommodate my personal journaling speed and style. I am buying extra copies to share!"
— Erin Galbraith, MD


"This book is definitely a 10/10 purchase. You won't regret it. It's written with the purest intention to help you live an easier and more structured life."
— Ali Walsh


""The mindfulness exercises train you to become aware of your entire self: your thoughts, words, and actions, in ways I never have before!" 
— Mary Mailand


"This journal is a fantastic help through life's struggles and in ordinary everyday life."  
— Stephen Arachtingi


"Very helpful structured journal. Easy to use with daily tips & suggestions"
— Allison Riquier


"The Daily Structured Journal is changing the way we see our day... it seemed there wasn't any time in our day to journal, but now with the Daily Structured Journal, my wife and I now journal together most days, and it is like a meditation to appreciate the moment." 
— Jeff Radke, Novelist

"I deeply appreciated this journal. The fact that it was only a month long motivated me to relish in the process where as a lifetime commitment to bettering myself would have been overwhelming. The thing is, it inadvertently became a lifelong process for me! With this journal, every day was like a mini retreat. Subtle but profound revelations about my way of being in the world came to light through the steady set of reflection questions; my own insights were encouraging me to transform."

— Alexandria Beyer